5 Shades lighter with La Crème Whitening Day and Night Cream

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La Crème white promise to deliver flawless, brighter, and glowing, even skin without using harmful chemicals, bleaches, hydroquinone or other hazardous lightening ingredients.

La Crème is designed for both men and women .This luxurious skin care range will lighten and brighten your skin safely as well as naturally without the use of hydroquinone or bleach .This natural skin care range will work gradually without painful surgery or toxics chemicals .Our products will leave your skin looking and feeling even brighter & clear.

Our unique La Crème white range lift your skin tone up to five shades lighter and will create a even skin tone for your face and body.

The La Crème Whitening Day and Night Cream white luxurious range includes the La Crème white day and night cream, Beaute white ultra whitening serum, and the La Crème white body lotion.

Beaute white recommendation:

Using the La Crème Whitening Day and Night Cream in conjunction with the La Crème white serum will give optimum results.